MC Appreciation Contest - Winners Announced!

First of all, I want to thank Shiko and Tomey for doing a wonderful job answering questions and posting submissions while I was gone on vacation for the month and a half that the contest was running. Also a big thank you to those who participated. We didn’t have a big turnout, but the more important thing is the quality of the entries. You were all amazing, inspiring, and creative.

The three winners chosen, in no particular order, are: myfrozensanctuary, nipnongblocks, and absolutelyabsolem. You three will be contacted shortly to choose your prizes.

Again, thanks to everyone who entered. Hopefully we can have more contests and giveaways in the near future! :)


{MC Appreciation} The Hated Heroines: The Interview

summary: After receiving countless demands to be heard, I sit down with some of the most hated otome heroines and we discuss a few important issues.

author’s note: I have tried my best to keep each woman in character, as they appear in their respected game, but since this is an interview, a few modifications had to be made. I just hope I’ve done them enough justice. 

Oh! Nearly forgot. I am presenting myself as a talk show host. Because of this, I myself am completely out of character, considering I can’t even do public speaking XD

characters involved: NinjaPrincess, FemalePirate, BMP Princess, AKD Princess,  and Chizuru Yukimura

warning: … I suppose this may have spoilers. mainly how each woman changes depending on who’s route she’s on. 

Coming to you live from the darkest depths of tumblr, it is now time for “The Hated Heroines” with your host MyFrozenSanctuary!

[“feel like a woman!” plays softly in the background as MFS enters from stage left]

[Audience cheers as she dances across the stage, throwing flowers into the audience. MFS takes her seat and waves at the crowd who continues to cheer until she gives the signal]

MFS: Goodness! Did you all multiply from the recent ad break? I swear there wasn’t this many of you before.

[Audience laughs]

MFS: I wonder why so many of you turned up tonight?

[Audience laughs and a few yell out suggestions]

MFS: [grins] Otome Heroines? Did I hear that correctly? Yes? Ooh! Now that sounds like something interesting now doesn’t it?

[MFS indicates the screen behind her which showcases a few otome heroines, Audience Cheers]

MFS: Now who’s ready to see our special guests for this evening?

[Audience Cheers]

MFS: Without further ado may I present the lovely otome heroines!

[Audience Cheers and Applauds as several women enter stage right. All wave gingerly as they take a seat on the lounge beside the host who grins at them. MFS allows the audience to cheer for a full minuet, before she waves them into silence]

MFS: Thank you so much for coming on the show tonight, I know you all have a very busy schedule. Now, how are you finding tumblr? Is it to your liking?

FemalePirate: Honestly? I’m just happy to be off the blasted boat. As much as I love my companions, sometimes a girl just needs a break, who’s with me?

[Auidence Cheers, host and other heroines laugh and nod in agreement]

NinjaPrincess: It’s a nice break from everyone trying to kill me, that’s for sure.

[AKD Princess and Chizuru nod in agreement, BMP Princess and FemalePirate look on in slight confusion]

BMP Princess: Hold on a second. People try and kill you. Why wasn’t I told of this?

Chizuru: You’ve got enough on your plate as it is, especially with Princess Training.

BMP Princess: [groans]

AKD Princesss: Don’t remind us

[Audience laughs, MFS decides to stir the conversation back]

MFS: Speaking of which, how are you both finding it?

AKD Princess: Princess Training? It’s quite tiring, so much to learn, so little time to do it in.

BMP Princess: Especially being a commoner. It’s like having to learn the most basic things all over again. Like how many of you would know which fork to use for dessert and which to use for entree?

[Audience makes a loud no sound, which MFS laughs at along with the other heroines]

AKD Princess: I’m not sure why you’re complaining, you decided to marry a prince, we [indicates NinjaPrincess] happen to have been born royal.

BMP Princess: I an’t sorry for falling for a prince, if that’s what you’re wanting to hear.

[Audience cheers and Applauds much to the amusement of all involved]

MFS: May I be the first to congratulate you all on your recent releases? I must say, it’s hard to keep up with all your updates!

FemalePirate: You’re telling us. It’s one thing to be reading it, it’s quite another to be experiencing it.

[All heroines nod in agreement]

NinjaPrincess: I have to admit though; it takes quite a lot out of me every time they ask for more drama. I know relationships have their ups and downs, but I don’t think any normal person would have to deal with all the crazy stuff we do.

AKD Princess: Not that we’re complaining!

BMP Princess: Quite the opposite actually.

Chizuru: I can’t speak for all of us, but it’s really nice to see how many people care about our well-being. I know most people see us as self-inserts, but it’s still a nice feeling all the same.

[Audience cheers to which the heroines smile]

MFS: Of course we care about you! You go through all that drama so we don’t have too. We really do appreciate it! Besides, I don’t know how you all deal with the things you go through. Any normal person would have broken down at some point.

[Heroines look at one another]

FemalePirate: Well, it’s not like we really had a choice. I mean, one minute I’m at the bar severing drinks and then the next I’m on this ship full of pirates.

NinjaPrincess: I’m suddenly told that I’m a NinjaPrincess who has to save the world. So I just had to suck it up and go along with it.

AKD Princess: Growing up as a commoner, I didn’t expect to be told that I was the princess of my kingdom. Like NinjaPrincess, I just had to allow my knights to explain everything and believe them.

BMP Princess: I’m just a fashion designer. I didn’t ever expect to be designing for anyone important, let alone a prince!

Chizuru: Some of us did break down, as any sane person would. I’ll be the first to admit that I was weak. It’s one thing to be threatened to be killed, it’s quite another thing to be told it at every waking moment.

[MFS leans over and squeezes her hand]

MFS: But look how far you’ve all come! You should be proud of yourselves!

[Audience Cheers, Heroines smile slightly]

MFS: FemalePirate, you learnt how to sail a ship! How many people can say they can do that?NinjaPrincess, you learnt how to fight back, and how to heal your companions! How many princesses can claim that? AKD Princess, you became politically involved in the events of your kingdom and even learnt how to fight back. How many of us know anything about politics? BMP Princess, you taught those princes how to properly run a country and how to love.  How many of us know how to run a country? And Chizuru, you showed us all that when everything is falling apart there is always hope.

[Audience Cheers again and throws the flowers at the heroines]

MFS: There will always be hate, but know that there is always love too. For every person who hates you, there are ten more who love you. You’ve all done extraordinary things for the people you love. That’s something that no about to hate for you, will ever change.

[Heroines smile and reach out for the flowers]

MFS: Thank you for allowing us to have a glimpse at your lives. It really means a lot to us.

[Heroines smile in thanks]

MFS: Is there anything you would like to say before I leave you to answer the audience questions?

Chzuru: Don’t ever let someone tell you that you are weak

BMP Princess: worthless

AKD Princess: a waste of space

FemalePirate: stupid

NinjaPrincess:  or useless

NinjaPrincess: You are amazing! And don’t you dare think otherwise!

[Audience Cheers. Camera pans out. Showcases images of the heroines as they talk to their fans.]

Presenter: We hope you have enjoyed watching The Hated Heroines. Tune in next time as MyFrozenSanctuary dives into the darkest depths of the hate directed at female characters and explores the real reason behind the hate. Enjoy playing your otome games!~


Anonymous whispered:
How much time is left? I'm in another country and the timezones are really confusing me :/

Hey there!  They confuse me too, so don’t worry!  It’s currently 10pm EST, so there is officially 26 hours left in the contest.  Hope to see your entry!

Hakuouki - Chizuru Yukimura: A Defense & Appreciation

Hakuouki happens to be the very first otome game I ever encountered, and was what got me into the genre in the first place. Before it was released in America, I watched the entire two seasons of the anime to get a feel for the game. I loved the series, but I especially love Chizuru, the heroine of the series, and it gets me so angry when I see people call her horrible names.

So, I’m gonna talk about why I think she’s awesome and why you should too! (Or at the very least, stop degrading the poor girl). Spoilers ahoy!

First of all, there are those who denounce her for her naivete, her sweet nature, and her kind-heartedness. Well, for one thing, she was the only child of a doctor, a respected position in that time period, and her father was attempting to keep her safe after the horrible massacre of her family. So yes, of course she’s naive, she’s been intentionally sheltered her whole life. Even what she knows about the Shinsengumi is mostly through hearsay, and there’s not even that much she knows about the group.

Secondly, there are those who say she doesn’t have a personality, or that she’s weak-willed. Here’s something that most of us don’t think about: this game is set in the Edo period of Japanese history. Women in that time period were honestly not expected to do very much, or not allowed to, and were raised to behave in a demure manner. Chizuru just acts like the typical girl of her day and age.

But even then, she has a strong will. Think about it. This group of men, renowned for being ruthless and taking her captive, has threatened to kill her and prevent her from going out into the town because they don’t trust her to keep their secrets. And she takes it very gracefully. I mean, I sure as hell wouldn’t be like, “How can I help out around here to earn my keep?”, but more like “*screaming**shouting**possible crying* LET ME OUT.” She understands her situation and doesn’t do anything that could get her seriously injured or killed. She knows her limits, and though she tries to raise them, she knows not to do something that she’s not capable of.

So yeah. I admire her will, her bravery, how she doesn’t cry for herself, and how she grew to care for and cherish these men who initially thought about killing her. So the next time you want to bash on my girl Chizuru, think about this! 

{otomeoutreach mc appreciation contest entry} emails to takao


summary: mc replies to the emails sent by takao during the course of season 2.

a/n: my contest entry for otomeoutreach’s mc appreciation contest. i was never one for fictional writing but one thing i was somewhat okay with was writing letters and love mails (wrote countless numbers to my ex-crushes orz).

these emails aim to encapsulate the character development and inner thoughts of mc in takao’s season 2 as she faces new circumstances and ultimately, how much she is needed and appreciated. takao’s emails are attached to provide a better reference. 

warning: contains major spoilers to takao’s season 2. tread with caution (: 

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Otome MC Fic #5


I tried my brain at something a little fluffier. ^-^ Well and also kind of AU, worlds crossing, I don’t even know what? It’s just a little thing off this image that’s always in my head~ Oooh, I should hush you don’t need my commentary before the story. >.<

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Well, uhm, is this okay for the MC Appreciation Contest? ^-^ post/54968330083/otome-mc-fic

Yes, thank you very much for entering and letting us know! ^_^


[angelxofxdespair MC Appreciation Contest Entry] MC Appreciation XD


There are plenty of MC’s in various otome games with differing personalities. My personal favorite happens to be MC from Love Letter From Thief X. (It also doesn’t hurt that this is currently my favorite voltage in game XD). Why this particular MC is my favorite is because she’s more like a real person than a Mary sue or anything of the sort. After finding out that her Great Grandfather was a famous creator in his time and that her fingerprints were the key to opening his greatest creation the MC was suddenly thrown into an unknown and scary but exciting world with a group of total strangers. Throughout the game as the MC was faced with various challenges she faced them as an ordinary person would have to. She wasn’t suddenly able to do the same things the thieves in the game would be able to (defend herself, pick a lock, ect.) She had to relay on them to help her through these times and even if we wouldn’t like to admit it if we faced the same things she had we would have to do the same things she had to in those situations. She didn’t magically fall in love with the guys soon after meeting them, didn’t try to change them, nor did she automatically accept the fact that they were thieves right away which added depth to the story and allowed us to see how the characters grew while interacting with each other. She was also a terrible liar at times like honestly a lot of us are. Not many people can hold claim to the fact that they are great under pressure. I certainly know I couldn’t. Maybe its because I see a lot of myself in this MC that I like her the best out of the MC’s from the other games. Maybe its because I admire the way she kept going even through the hardships and heart ache. Things certainly weren’t easy for her in the game but she kept going no matter what stood in her way. And I admire that about a lot of the MC’s from the otome games. Sure they aren’t perfect beings that are drop dead gorgeous with curvaceous bodies with an intelligence most could only dream to have but how many can say that they are in reality? Its an MC flaws and imperfections that give her a realistic feel and make us able to connect with them on a deeper level. I hope everyone will come to love those imperfect MC’s as much as I do X3.

grayace whispered:
Can we do a video or a little book?

I’m not sure what you mean by a little book? You might need to elaborate on that. As long as it’s writing-related, it’s more than welcome into the contest.

A video, unfortunately, would not work. We do plan to have contests later which will widen the scope of what medium you use in your entries, but this one will be writing only. So fanfiction, an appreciation post, or anything else writing related that you can come up with to show some MC appreciation.


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Itunes card what country is it for?

The itunes cards have to be either for Canada or US. I know that is unfortunately quite limited - hence the option for playasia or paypal. ;3