Apologies for this giveaway coming so late, but at a great time nonetheless (I think, in my biased opinion).  Three wonderful games are currently 50% off here. With the recent pirating issues, I think it is even more important than ever to support indie developers so we can continue to get amazing games like these.

There will be two winners(You must have your ask box open and you must be willing to give me an email so I can gift the game to you.) You can pick one of these three if you’re a winner.


  • Likes don’t count.
  • You don’t have to be following this blog to participate.
  • One reblog per day until the giveaway ends.

Those that are following the blog can reblog twice per day.

Those who entered the fanfiction contest can also reblog twice per day.

If you follow and entered the fanfiction contest, that’s three times per day.

The contest ends on the 16th of May.